viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

Diary entry

hello my name is Nicolas and I am very sad because my parents are forcing me to marry a woman I do not know and do not love. because they do not understand my culture you say to do that, all my family go through this and apparently will remain so. read I tell you, my parents want me to marry a family with lots of money, so I have a good life when they grow u. She is a woman three years bigger than me and a family with a lot of money as sh father has a factory. I do not love and not even know it well. I don't want have a married with her, she is horrible and his hair is not beatiful. I tried to talk with my fathers, but they didnt want talk with me. My bigger brother pass for the same, but he is more stupid and said that yes. I'm thinking goes to my house and go to my cousin to live, becouse I will don't do what my fathers want. I can do what I want

miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

Wild card task: Cry Freedom Queations.

1.- The risk Donald refers to is the huge danger Biko was taking by going outside to the streets and relate with the people. Thing thai may cost him go to prison and be killed. (Remeber doesn't have the right of met other persons because he was an activist).

2.- Mapelta was arrested by the police, and about five days was not know where he was or not any of them, after they know that mamphela was dead, "they sai he hanged himself"

3.- I think in chapter 11 not only problems were with biko, but also others

cartoon analysis of gender stereotypes

In this image we can see that there are two women in his room using computers and talking about taking classes how to avoid rape. but one of them says they must first pass the class how to dress, how to please everyone and as comprota class. this means that women are also guilty of being raped, as they wear little clothes and stuff

picture description

This picture is about the festival, that in India is celebrited. This festival consist of all the people who are with paint in all the body, incluing the hands. Everybody hase to paint another person.

I see in the picture 4 girls all painted, they are painting themselves. we can see that they are in the street, of course in India. Also, we can see that the girls are with normal cloths, for this festival they don´t change the clouth, of course they are indian.

In my case, my personal experience is that I ran the race "color run" The race is very similar in Chile and India. It was good experience and very funny

martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

Dear martin,
Estimated martin 

In this letter I will tell you how was my trip to Europe, which walked, learned and enjoyment. I'll tell you something from every place we stayed.

The trip of studies that we realise was incredible, We learned a lot about the different places we visited, the different types of food cultures, but was not only learn on the trip, also we had football and rugby matches, where we meet other people, and it was very nice.

The first stop was Edinburgh, Edinburgh is great, the people were very friendly, women too. We had our first rugby match, our team won and was very entertaining. 

After that Edimburg we went to York, a pretty town where we went to an exhibition of trains was amazing also we had a match of football there.

The next stop was Bath, where we stayed was amazing, it was all very technological, was a university. we also went to Stonehenge was amazing, unforgettable, always I saw in photos and seeing him in person was amazing.

The next spot was Londres, my favorite place of the travel. Amazing city, We was four days there and did many things. But my favorite activity was The London Eye. 

After to Londres, we went to Paris France. The really is that I thought that It would have been better. The better place there was the Torre Eiffel, this was incredible, without words.

The next stop was Stra. Stra is a very small place, and the really we stay there becouse in venecia the hotels are very expensive.

And the last stop was Roma, very beautiful place, we was to the coliseum. Incredible experience, online I has seen de coliseum in films and being there was an unforgettable experience.

I hope you are well Martin

Atte: Nicolás Kuperman

viernes, 14 de agosto de 2015

educreation individual oral

individual oral preparation

I am Nicolás Kuperman, today I will present you one picture about one race that was in india, the name is colour run
First, what is the colour run.  The Color Run was founded in March 2011 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet, the motive of the race is that while you run, the others can throw you paint, but you can also throw paint them.
we can see 2 girls and 1 boy in the picture, happiest, they are with a lot piant on they. one of the girls, maybe the biggest is huging at the boy, and he laugh, we can see that the arms of the one girl are all with black paint